This year was the year I stared to truly live my life in abundance.  I realized that I was stuck.  I was stuck in the cycle of “I Can’t.”  I was stuck in the cycle of winners and losers and I was always on the losing team.  I was trying to work several jobs, none very well and all I kept saying to anyone that would ask was “I can’t.”

Then something inside of me changed.  I started seeing life though a different perspective.  I realized that if I wanted to live my life with true abundance, I needed to change me.  I needed to take a step in faith, realize my full potential and create everything I wanted out of life.  For me, that looked like full time self-employment.

I started seeing the “I CAN!” everywhere I looked.  When I removed on piece of my life, stepped out in faith and really took the leap, I saw the opportunities I had always been searching for were right there in front of me

I want that for you!  I want you to start seeing life with a clear view of win-win, the mindset of I can and I will, you will have the fully abundant life you desire.





My name is Jamie Dodd, I’m a Certified Professional Coach and I am your Abundant Life Coach!

Live life, love life and full access to all you abundant possibilities!